Our completely Vegan menu combines food consciousness with pure flavour.


  • Lentil and burghal ‘Polpetti’ with tomato sugo, garlic sautéed rainbow greens and pangratatto

  • Spiced black bean soft tacos with Pico de Gallo, guacamole and chipotle aioli

  • Curried vegetable samosas with coconut yoghurt raita

  • Leek and cauliflower fritters with a tangy tahini dipping sauce

  • Asian-style sweet corn and shiitake soup

  • Vermicelli and shredded vegetable slaw with Asian herbs and a hot and sour dressing

  • Mini poke bowls with red rice, pickled vegetables, spiced eggplant, avocado, beetroot, and pumpkin hummus

  • Mixed mushroom and thyme risotto with soft cashew cheese

  • Quinoa and chick pea burgers with minted slaw and cashew mayo

  • Broccoli and red onion orecchiette with walnut pesto and almond feta

  • Edamame noodle salad with marinated tofu, shiitake, pan fried Brussels sprouts, sesame and miso

  • Russian-style cabbage rolls baked with rich tomato and dill sauce, served with vegan sour cream

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